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Minimize liability

We never store sensitive financial information

By verifying the sending and receiving accounts, as well as identifying all users, Earnnest provide a completely secure process without exposing or storing any sensitive banking information.

We verify users by utilizing:

  • Two-step verification for all users
  • Certified escrow holder receiving accounts
  • Buyer identity verification
  • Direct verification by buyer's bank
  • Invite only platform

We offer transparency and reliability

Unlike wires, Earnnest gives insight into the entire process and, unlike checks, we verify the money exists before allowing it to transfer to the escrow holder's trust account.

Want to see our security in action? Contact us here.

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We have your back

Earnnest makes money transfers simple, but sometimes you just need to talk with a real person. We’re available by chat, phone, or email.


We can't wait to show you more about how Earnnest can create a faster and more secure earnest money process. Chat with us right here or fill out the form and we will get back with you ASAP.