How do I create a transaction as a buyer's agent?

Watch this short video on how to request earnest money from our buyer:

Buyer Agent Create a Transaction (Corrected Audio)

As a buyer agent, once you are registered with Earnnest, you can log in through our app or to begin your earnest transactions.

  1. From the home screen of our app or, enter your registered email and click "continue" to receive a one-time-use 4 digit code to your mobile number. The code expires in 10 minutes in order to ensure security.
  2. Enter the code you receive and press "sign in" to be directed to your transaction home screen. At this screen, you will see any existing transactions you currently have created, as well as the current status of all your transactions. Press the green plus sign at the top right to create a new earnest money request.
  3. Select your role as the buyer agent, enter the property address, and select the your escrow holder, then press "save property."
  4. The screen will now display a summary of your created transaction. Press the green "add buyer" text.
  5. Enter the buyer's legal first and last name, email, and mobile phone number, then press "add buyer"
  6. Press the "payment request" button, then enter the earnest money amount. Also, add email addresses to notify additional parties of the transaction if applicable. Press "save".
  7. Finally, press the green "request" button and confirm. You buyer will instantly receive your payment request via text and email.

You will receive notifications as the transaction progresses; first when the buyer has officially received your requested earnest payment and finally when the buyer has paid their earnest money.

Your transaction summary on your Earnnest home page will show transaction statuses updated in real time, with the current stage of the transaction shown in bold at the bottom of the summary.

For more information or answers to any questions, contact Earnnest's support team at